• Apply for a Indonesian Sailing Permit or VD (Vessel Declaration) on this website for the purposes of Tourism.

  • Once approved foreign boats can stay in Indonesian waters for three years.

  • The VD can the be used as proof that your vessels is on route to complete CIQP at Lombok Marina Del Ray.

  • Foreign flagged vessels may apply for a VD on arrival at the Marina.



Download our VD application below and fill out correctly then email to Be sure to include the following:

1.     Signed Clearance Application Form.  (see below)

2.     A copy of the vessel’s legal registration

3.     Crew List that will be entering Indonesia

4.     Copies of all Passports


Step 1: Download and complete the VD (Vessel Deceleration or Sailing Permit PDF) (see right or below).

Answer all questions and ensure the Captain, Owner or authorized representative signs the application.

Step 2: Upload your Clearance Docs using the Upload form (see right or below)


After receiving your completed documents, we will register your Vessel for entry into Indonesian waters, normally within 24 hours. We will then email your VD. It will show your designated Clearance Entry and Exit Port to preform CIQP at Lombok Marina. The VD is your evidence that you have permission to be e in Indonesian waters and on route for CIQP at Lombok Marina.

Once a Vessel has cleared into Indonesia it DOES NOT REQUIRE port (harbor) Clearance until it plans to exit Indonesia permanently and move about the archipelago freely for 3 Years.



Yachts should hail their arrival by VHF 16 & 72 or call our office which is a  Whats-app no. +6285961467709  You will be asked to proceed to a Berth or Quarantine mooring. Code Flag Q should be flown.

After hours please pull up a mooring!

​We look forward to seeing you soon.

Fair winds, the Team at Lombok Marina Del Ray.


As soon as convenient, please bring your vessel’s health declaration, Vessel registration, crew list, last port of call and passports to our port office on the starboard side of the Marina grounds. You are able to process your own CIQP free of charge or elect to pay the Marina to do it for your. Cost is $85,00.

Once you receive harbor clearance you ARE FREE TO MOVE ABOUT THE COUNTRY for the next 3 years without further need for port clearance until you plan to permanently exit the country.


Crews from most countries can obtain a free, 30-day Visa on Arrival (VOA).

To Crews to stay more than 30 days you can apply for a INDONESIA social cultural 211/60 or B211 visa at any Indonesian embassy before arriving in Indonesia, this is renewable up to 4  times. We provide a sponsorship letter (required by an Indonesian embassy) if you are applying for a 60-day social Visa free of charge provided your vessel is registered for clearance to Lombok Marina.

Please apply by emailing (please read the procedure below)

We Recommend our Local Lawyers service for Visa extensions and Immigration applications should you prefer. Please click on her Logo Below and send Milly a email at

Milly Immigration Agent Indonesia Marina

Visa Requirements Republic of Indonesia

Short term visa, social visa B211, visa service, visa/permit obtaining/Indonesia

Social Visa B-211 is suitable for:

  1. Tourism

  2. Social and family

  3. Cooperation between Indonesia and other country

  4. Between educational foundation

  5. Attending short term training

  6. Journalist that already has permit from the authority

  7. Non-commercial movie production that already has permit from authority

  8. Conducting business conversation such as sale and purchase of goods and services

  9. As well as production or goods quality supervision

  10. Giving speech or joining non-commercial seminar in term of culture, social, and government, after getting permit  from the authorities

  11. Joining non-commercial international exhibition


Holding Social Visa B-211 you are not allowed to do business activities in Indonesia or to take up employment.

Initial period of Social Visa B-211 given by Indonesian consulates can be up to 60 days, and it is possible to extend it up to 4 times every 30 days.
Once you get the Visa you have 90 days to activate it arriving to Indonesia.
Social Visa is a single entry Visa. If you have left the country before Visa expiration, you cannot use this Visa again to come back – you will need to get a new one.


How to apply:

The social Visa is issued by Indonesian consulates located outside of Indonesia. It is impossible to get social Visa, being in Indonesia.
Consulate Visa fee for Social Visa is about 50USD.


What you will need to apply.

  1. Passports valid for at least six months at the date of entry

  2. A copy of the main page of the passport

  3. A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you apply for a Visa

  4. Package of documents from your sponsor stating that he/she is responsible for you during your stay in Indonesia (PT Marine Del Ray provides sponsorship for its customers, apply by email

  5. A completed visa form.

  6. Copy of ticket to Indonesia

  7. 2 passport photos 3x4cm.


Marina Office +6285961467709

(AH)+628533360044 all numbers

Whats-app ORDERS &


Mailing Address: PT Marine Del Ray Tanjungan Desa Gili Gede, Kec. Sekotong NTB Lombok, Indonesia,83365.

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