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Cyclone Proof your Vessel in Indonesia in 2020/21

Marina Del Ray is the best and most affordable solutions for all Vessels needing to avoid the fast approaching Pacific cyclone season!

Yachts can sail direct to #marinadelray Via Port Moresby Papua New Guinea and then onto Lombok Indonesia.

Because Indonesia does not fall within any cyclone of Typhoon belts of the world, we are the perfect safe and most affordable alternative for all Super Yachts, Cruising Yachts, Catamarans and Boats.

We provides a safe and reliable alternative to Australia and New Zealand for world cruisers in 2020/21.

Further Information on 60 and 180 day Visas, Clearance and berthing rates please email:

Or by Calling Captain Raymond on Whats-app +628123632266

Full Service International Clearance Marina Port Indonesia

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