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Captains Log Star Date April 2020

We are isolated on a small island in the center of the largest archipelago in the world, now know as Port Gili Gede.

In 2010 my mate Jack Made Dana and I sailed to this island on the mighty ship S V Basilea to begin the start of building a world class Marina, a home for sailors and Tourist to enjoy the natural amenity and beauty of these Southern Gili Islands that are 35 East of Bali.

The Journey was long, marred with red tape and bureaucracy we eventually received permission to expand our mooring facility in December 2018.

Our Band of merry crew got to work hauling millions of materials to the island to build what we now have today.

In October 2019 we opened, after no fan fare, just 100 or so people help build the marina by hand with no machinery and with hard work, dedication and discipline by hand we built Marina Del Ray.

Now we have encountered a worldwide event, the reasons behind it are unknown, yet we forge ahead providing safety and good cheer to all.

When I first arrived on location in 2007 I was breath taken by the clarity of the Milky Way and the universe beyond and its refection on the smooth and silky waters of our bay, since then I am struck by amazement at what I see each night before I lay to rest and thank God for what we have been able to achieve. The photo below is UN-edited and was taken 4 nights ago, it shows what i have seen the past decade. We hope you enjoy its beauty.

We wish everyone peace and happiness and urge you all to remain positive and self-sufficient, skeptical

of our governments and use critical thinking and positive affirmation to the Universe as I am sure it will reflect back on the goodness of mankind as a whole.

Captain Raymond La Fontaine


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