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Clearance Procedures the Republic of Indonesia August 2023

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

We decided to write this post to demonstrate how easy to sail2indonesa without the need to join a Rally as an Individual Yacht or with a group of your friends.

It is inexpensive and can be done online or, when you enter one of the official ports of Indonesia including Marina Del Ray, which was built specifically for ( Pariwisata Tilta )

That means MARINE TOURISM whereas, apart from two other ports, all others are Commercial Ports, meaning anchoring and getting to shore is difficult to carry out your CIQP process because they have been built for cargo ships.

It is recommended to allow 2 days to complete the process and you will need either Indonesia Rupiah or USA$.

Your first step after safely anchoring and finding a suitable place to leave your tender is to buy a local data sim, and you should have already, WhatsApp downloaded on your mobile phones.

Two handy apps are GOJEK and GRAB which provide very good services in most places in Indonesia. It is like Uber but much better. With Data Loaded, you can order a Taxi or Motorbike to meet you and take you to each of the CIQP offices known as KANTORS provided you have the address which can be found using Google.

They will stop off along the way to an ATM as well.

CIQP is an (abbreviated Term) that means CUSTOMS, IMMIGRATION, QUARANTINE, and finally PORT Control, and are to be followed in that order.

For example, this process is the same as a Plane or ship carrying goods or tourists and is followed in the order below.

CUSTOMS known here as BEACUKAI concern is to ensure your boat which is considered to be GOODS is imported correctly and to inspect your Boat to make sure there are no illegal goods stowed away and then to permit you to stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 3 years provided you don’t sell the goods while in Indonesia and to not use the boat commercially such as Yacht Charter.

Once Complete your Temporary 3-year import document known as a VD (Vessel Declaration) act as your sailing permit which allows you to sail anywhere in Indonesia without further need to report to Authorities until you export your goods at the end of the 3 years.

You can return so long as you can demonstrate you left the country by showing your clearance out of another country. The closest country to sail to from our Marina is Timor-Leste or Singapore, roughly 1000 NM east or west of Lombok. You can apply online for your VD by following this link:

this saves time at customs if done online.

Customs will charge you a small fee based on the tonnage of your vessel which is the same as for a Cargo Vessel, it is a Tax.

IMMIGRATION is your next step is about you and your crew becoming legal immigrants. To save time it is advisable to apply for a 60-day visa online by following this Link which can also be found on our website

This is the official Government website; beware you don’t use unofficial websites or agents which cost more and can be a scam.

Once you apply for your visa online Immigration will ask you to pay online and then will send you an email of your visa.

Print this out and keep it with your Boat documents which you will show to Immigration who will then stamp your entry in your passport.

This visa can be extended every 60 days at any immigration office up to 180 Days. You can immediately return by plan immediately after 180 days and repeat the same process. We suggest you take that opportunity to holiday in other parts of Asia and let take care of your boat and maintain her.

A list of our services and rates can be seen at this link


QUARANTINE is your third step; this is used to ensure the health of you and your crew they will require a “Notice of health” of the names of you and your crew signed by the Master or Captain. PORT CONTROL is run by the Harbor Master also known as the SABANDAR in Indonesia. They will require all the above documents to give you your PORT CLEARANCE document in Indonesia.

This document will show where you intend to exit which can be changed or altered at a later Date.

THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO REPORT TO ANY OTHER PORTS DURING YOUR SAIL THROUGHOUT the 17600 islands you want to explore here in the Republic of Indonesia.

Fair Winds

Welcome to Wonderful Indonesia


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