Go Your Own Way Sail Indonesia Cruisers Rendezvous

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Go Your Own Way – Route Options

With Marina Del Ray as your base in Indonesia you can now have the confidence to leave your vessel with us in Indonesia whist you return home. In fact, you can choose to do this for as many as 3 years with out the need to re- import your vessel.

Celebrate your arrival in Indonesia and have the opportunity to meet other like minded cruisers at our inaugural Go Your Own Way – Sail Indonesia Cruisers Rendezvous

Join us for our rendezvous & enjoy a 10-day extravaganza of social & informative events here at the marina and in the surrounding Great Southern Gili Islands. The draft event itinerary along with proposed dates is available via email on request to be held around late August or early September 2020. TBA.

All yachts, sail & power, wishing to Go Your Own Way to Indonesia are welcome to voyage by the suggested route shown in the illustration below and arrive at Marina Del Ray, which is an official Indonesian port of entry (Port Gili Gede, Lombok, Indonesia)

Facts & Fiction about Sailing to & Cruising Indonesia:

Indonesia is destination, not a stopover! Many of those who actually take the time to really cruise Indonesia say that Indonesia is the world’s best cruising ground!

Despite what you may have been led to believe by some, the process of entry into Indonesia is not complicated or expensive.

Unlike others that are professing to be ‘experts’ on sailing to & cruising in Indonesia, founder & director of Marina Del Ray, Raymond La Fontaine, an Australian Captain, has actually sailed to Indonesia from Australia in 2007. Ray has spent over a decade sailing & cruising in Indonesia, which means he has something of great value to offer, Local Knowledge, which as all cruising sailors know is a very valuable resource. Ray is eager to share this knowledge & provide advice based on his own experience as a cruising yachtsman on routes to Indonesia from Australia and the best way to go about exploring & enjoying Indonesia when you arrive.