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First International clearance Marina Resort for Indonesia

Marine Industrial Developments Australia proudly begins to show case its first Marina Investment in Indonesia. CEO Captain Raymond La Fontaine said he is delighted with his companies construction progress in building a Marina facility for all foreign yachts entering Indonesian waters.

We started construction in late December 2017 after finally been given International Port status by the Indonesian government. It has taken until February 2019, 14 months to build a world standard Marina and super yacht clearance port with operational licences issued by the Minister of Transport.

The island Gili Gede is now officially called Port Gili Gede, located on the south western corner of Lombok, known as the secret Gili islands, the Marina is only 30 NM east of Bali. The Marina boasts 65 Marina Berths, a 5500 square meter yacht club, Public amenities, a water sport entertainment and bare boat yacht charter facility with a clearance port for customs, immigration, Quarantine and port clearance.

The Marina berths have a clearance depth of 15 meters and the bay is capable of mooring 15 50 meter pus super yachts. Lombok Marina Del Ray provide a full service marina with 3 phase power, a 35 ton daily desalination machine, the first of its type on a smaller island of Indonesia. Foreign Yachts can register their arrival online by notifying their details, a vessel declaration is issued to the yacht owner which allows the yacht to enter Indonesian waters and transit to Lombok Marina. Foreign yachts are then allowed to base themselves in Indonesia for 3 years. This allows all foreign yachts the time to explore the largest archipelago in the world.

Indonesian affords a cruiser the ability to cruise all year because the country is outside the dreaded cyclone or typhoon belt, it doesn't suffer from harsh long wet seasons or cold winters. Many of the 17400 islands remain unexplored by foreign yachts due to this badly needed infrastructure facility.

The main island of Gili Gede is surrounded by 16 pristine islands and private bays. The diving and surfing is world class and Lombok international airport and Bali airport are within 50 miles of the Marina.

Up until now, Bali's Benowa harbor was only capable of mooring up to one 45 meter super yacht at a time due to the lack of room and depth. but now with Port Gili Gede establishment we have already had visits from super yachts as large as 150 meters moored out in front of our brand new yacht club which is expected to be open in April.

Other great news is Air Asia announcement to fly daily direct from Perth Australia to Lombok. The this years sail 2 Indonesia and the World Arc and the marina's plans to host the first major sailing regatta in late August 2019. With 60 confirmed entrants and a international boat show on the radar, Indonesia acceleration in becoming a world class sailing destination will establish the last and best destination in the world, dubbed the Asiana, The benefits for all yacht owners to relocate their yachts and discover wonderful Indonesia makes logical sense and a natural progression for Presidents Jokowi Widodo vision to increase its marine tourism and receive the significant economic benefits to the nation that many other countries before have enjoyed Raymond said.

It took Thailand 2 decades to establish a 8 billion dollar yearly Industry, we expect to do the same in one decade. This will benefit thousands of Indonesians long term with stable sustainable jobs and improve quality of life by providing privately funded marina investment such as our Australian companies contribution.

Another text book example of sustainable economic marine development is the Whitsunday islands on the Great Barrier reef northern Queensland Australia and Croatia recent expansion into this type of marine tourism investment.

Below are some recent pictures of the light show the marina has invested in for its vising


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