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Indonesia is Open to all Foreign flagged Yachts!

Breaking News: for Nautical Tourism Wonderful Indonesia!

The Indonesian Government announced Today October 19 2020 that it wants to become known as a Safe and friendly World Marine Destination to all Foreign International Yachts.

Due to concerns about stranded Cruisers seeking refuge during these frustrating times, the Director General Immigration Republic of Indonesia Bapak Jhoni Ginting and the Ministry of Law Department announced today a decree number IMI-1555.GR.01.01 that his department will process online visas for Marine Nautical Tourists entering Indonesia by Yachts and Vessels at Marina Del Ray Lombok Indonesia because the Marina can manage the entire CIQP process in safe secure way due to its facilities being locked in the one location other than the other commercial ports in Indonesia. This process is available to the other 2 Marinas in Batam and Jakarta.

While this great news may have come a little late in the season there is still plenty of time for sailors to sail to Port Gili Gede with the South East Monsoon which is still well established.

"This is Great news for Yachts stranded in the Pacific Ocean with the onset of the Cyclone Season fast approaching and no option for Yachts Caught in Thailand, Malaysia and other parts of Australasia Captain Raymond La Fontaine said" Every Year millions of dollars of damage is done due to cyclones on Northern Australia and with New Zealand thousands of miles south and closed to Yachts, Indonesia is the most logical, safe and economical alternative as the world largest archipelago is outside the cyclone and Typhoon zones of the world. Marina Del Ray was built for this purpose and Yachts should sail direct to Port Gili Gede Lombok. Provisioning can be done along the way in Port Moresby breaking up the route in two 1200 nautical mile legs approximately. There is plenty of safe overnight anchorage once you enter Indonesia he said.

The visa process is simply and done online so there is no need to go to an Indonesian Embassy because the government understand that it can be difficult for yachts on Ocean voyages to do so.

30 Day visa is available on arrival however we urge you to send your information to and we will take care of the process for a 60 day tourism visa on your behalf for our customers, you will be asked to sign a Quarantine declaration acknowledging that in the unlikely event of diseases the Captain will be responsible for all costs.

It is recommended that a PCR test be obtained at your previous port of call however this is not mandatory as Marina Del Ray will arrange the test at Port Gili Gede at your cost. It is advised to keep a good log of your route proving 14 days at sea.

The Marina will provide its guests sponsorship at no cost.

The process should be done inside 5 days!

We welcome all foreign Vessels, especially those seeking a safe and affordable cyclone free Harbor. Marina berthing, Resort, Clearance Provisioning, International Flights, Transfers, Boat repairs and Dock Yard are available and we recommend visiting for more detailed information rates and services on sailing to Indonesia

Welcome to Wonderful Indonesia where its summer every day.

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