Indonesian Maritime Covid Update, 900 hrs Saturday 16th May 2020.

Updated: May 22

We are doing what we can to also educate the authorities of the zero health risks of the Covid Virus from sailors because of the simple nature of yachts transiting via Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Marina Del Ray is an authorized international Port of entry and Exit into Indonesia under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia Transport Minister who controls Air, Sea, Trains and Roads.

Just like the airports we were advised to close Port Gili Gede on 14th March until the 1st of June due to the perceived risk of this Virus.

The president of Indonesia decided in his wisdom to give control of the Provinces to Individual Governors, so we were also advised of the closure by these authorities however, we report directly to central government therefore unless otherwise advised the Port will be open on 1st of June as instructed.

We are doing what we can to also educate the authorities of the zero health risks of the Covid Virus from sailors because of the simple nature of yachts transiting via Malaysia and Australia and further afield as they comply to the 14 Day isolation requirements.

We recommend all cruisers to lobby their respective governments and take the same initiatives and make them aware of this particular unique situation to use cruisers.

In the past 2 weeks the South East Trades have established themselves. During the next 2 weeks Indonesian government are on official Ramadan Holidays so there will be a back log of work however we expect after this business will be as usual.

We were extremely excited to launch our new daily ferry service to Bali but for months now still waiting on that boat’s documents for legality due to the above reasons.

We also understand that domestic travel will commence on 6th of June and therefore ferry services will resume to the Great Southern Gili islands.

We have had during this time some wonderful sailors staying with us at the Yacht Club and I personally wish to thank them for their patience and understanding during these difficult times but we have been able to keep them safe and sound and I believe some long lasting relationships have been made.

All boats are very safe and have been inspected regularly, we have continued to work despite the holidays and our staff are catching up on outstanding duties and cleaning services.

Yachts looking to sail to us for clearance can start planning, as we understand, unless we receive any further advice prior to the 1st of June Indonesia will be open.

We also now have available the rapid Test nearby and if this becomes a requirement on entry can be provided on a user pays service.

The above is written to the best of my knowledge as at the date of this report. I am not advising on air travel as I don’t know enough to advise.

We encourage you to use our page when planning your passage to Indonesia.

Fair Winds, we look forward to servicing you and enjoying a yarn and a laugh at Marina Del Ray Yacht Squadron Port Gili Gede Indonesia.

Raymond and Crew

PT Marine Del Ray.



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Mailing Address: PT Marine Del Ray Tanjungan Desa Gili Gede, Kec. Sekotong NTB Lombok, Indonesia,83365.

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