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March news from Wonderful Indonesia

2020 saw the world turn up side down, but as i write this post to you from Bali i would like to put my thoughts down to my fellow cruisers about where we are now. #marinadelray saw its official opening in October 2019 and by March 2020 we gained 90% occupancy when the plandemic hit.

By April we were instructed by the Minister of transport to close our port as was the case with all the stragglers that we were able to provide a safe passage to the Marina for the rest of the year and we were successful in providing those customers yachts that could not return by plane while many stayed at the Marina during the various lock-downs.

As we stand now the Marina has 55% occupancy and the staff continue regular security and maintenance tasks for our customers, we send photos and videos of the boats by whats-app.

All is well and the boats are safe and clean.

From my personnel knowledge of life in Indonesia it has been relatively calm, i have visited the various hospitals and seen no evidence of Covid, interestingly enough is, the complete disappearance of Malaria and Dengi and death rates have dropped significantly from previous years. I am only saying this to allay any fears some may have about any health concerns here in Indonesia despite what he media has reported, life is normal!

While there is a huge drop in tourism which has badly damaged the economy, those lucky enough to be here enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, the Bars and Clubs are still open although in less numbers than before. The sailing has been great and the seas very clean compared with previous years.

For those yachts caught without their owners that need to re-export the boats as the three year import draws closer we are organizing delivery crews to Deli Timor for re-import and this is working quite well.

I have learned that a number of foreign flagged boats stuck in Australia and other countries needing to leave due to customs requirements, we can help.

The Port is open and sailing here is no problem however, one thing that is needed to make your journey hassle free is a immigration visa prior to your arrival as Visa on arrival at the moment are not possible however clearance is if the crew have online visas.

To help with this the marina provides sponsor ship for six month visa which can be obtained by emailing There is a cost which is approx $1500 USD and can be granted within a fortnight, its then issued online and sent to you by email. I know its expensive but that's the way the country works at the moment. Clearance in is at the same rates as before and our berthing rates still remain the same.

For Australian owners, once you have the visa you are granted exist permission by showing the visa so there is no problem in leaving, several Australian Yachts have arrived in the past 2 months without issue, the Australian government is granting permission for Australians to leave with this visa!

We understand the second hand Yacht Market is very strong which demonstrates to me that more people are making the choice to go to sea given the recent uncertainties we humans face with our respective governments, and its with this in mind that we suggest that beautiful Gili Gede at Marina Del Ray will provide you with an idealistic destination to become your new base to holiday and escape the madness and enjoy cruising once again in wonderful Indonesia.

Therefore please spread the word, we will continue to do everything in our power to make your stay, safe, fun and relaxing. The photo below is an artist impression of our Marina with the second stage of our master plan complete, it combines the current infrastructure and what is to come. The company is seeking equity investment to become the largest Marina facility in South East Asia providing even more amenity to our seafarers.

Fair winds

Captain Raymond La Fontaine.

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