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We are Indonesia first Integrated Marina Resort and International Clearance port in the history.

For the first time, Marina Del Ray gives sailors, cruisers and circumnavigators the only real safe and cost-effective alternative to avoiding the constant threat of cyclone and typhoons.

Due to the completion of our strategic destination that’s halfway between Australia and the South East Asia Continents, where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet and outside the cyclone belt, 8 Degrees south of the equator.

You now can legally berth or moor your yacht in Indonesia for (3) three years without your boat needing to leave. Safely explore over 17500 islands of the largest, most pristine diverse archipelago with the best year-round climate in the world.

Re-think your world sailing circumnavigation, no need to sail thousands of nautical miles south of the equator to escape the Pacific Oceans cyclone season, keep sailing the tropical latitude between 10 degrees south and north of the equator, outside the cyclone region and let take the hassle out of entering Indonesia. Apply Online for your cruising permit (VD) and a 60 Day extendable Social Visa sponsorship letter. Its FREE!

Then clear into Marina Del Ray Port Gili Gede for a cost of $80 USD! Yep that’s it, Our Marina is a fully integrated Marina for cruisers. This makes it possible to safely leave your asset and re-turn home or explore Australasia affordably and take your time.

You now can legally berth or moor your yacht in Indonesia for three years and safely explore the largest, most pristine diverse archipelago with the best year-round climate in the world that has only a 3-month mild wet season.

Re-think your world sailing circumnavigation.

THERE IS COMPLETELY NO NEED TO JOIN A RALLY! Indonesia is open to all foreign yachts and the process of entry is simply, inexpensive and most of all SAFE!

Do not believe in the scare mongering used by Rally organizers to justify their exorbitant unnecessary fees. Be mindful of the routes and islands recommended that led you into unsafe anchorages where opportunists are ready to capitalize.

Take your time and Sail to Port Gili Gede, the Gateway to Bali, where the water is clean and pristine. A unique beautiful marina where marine growth on your boats hull is minimal, wear there is no rolling waves, where all your needs can be found in the one spot in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Where there is no risk of collision, where the infrastructure is maintained professionally, taught by an Australian Captain.

Our Marina provides you the total solution to Complete all your boats provisioning needs and services, tropical themed Club rooms with all conveniences and many water sports, Marina Del Rey offers Sailors and Cruisers the complete and safe boating experience.

Captain Raymond La Fontaine (Ray) who is a former cruiser, just like yourselves, choose our location because of its proximity between the two international airports of Lombok and Bali and because unlike many bays in Indonesia Port Gili Gede has an average depth of 12 – 15 meters yet is protected year round from both the south east and north west Monsoons because the Bay is surrounded by glorious mountain ranges yet large enough to safely anchor 500 yachts of all sizes..

Ray realized when he first cruised Indonesia in 2007 that while Indonesia was breathtaking, it had very limited facilities or safe harbors in which to leave his yacht unattended, over the years we have hosted many Rallies as well as received yachts and catamarans from all over the world, many still with us to this day.

Because of his teams dedication and commitment he has now made it feasible after a decade of work for sailors to take their time and discover the 17500 islands that lie between the latitudes of 10 degrees north and south of the equator where every day is summer holiday.

This is now possible because you can sail direct to Marina Del Ray, rest, provision, change crew or return home for work, see family or in the case of an emergency or send mail or spare parts.

Take your time to explore the most pristine and culturally diverse cultures in the world that have rarely been explored by the western world.

Why sail thousands of South Pacific sea miles south every year away from the Pacific Oceans cyclones?

Avoid the expensive living costs, the cold and the costly wear on your asset if you sail westwards during the nine-month South East Monsoon along the equator!

East ward circumnavigators now also have the ability to rest and provision or take time out to explore on their way from the Indian and North Pacific Oceans from Cape Town, Maldives, Cocos keeling, Christmas island, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Hawaii via the Philippines to Marina Del Ray the gate way to Bali.

Even Super yachts more than 150 meters in LOA can stay with us, provision while staying at our Luxury Resort, Yacht Squadron and beach side Regatta Bar and pool, or enjoy all many water sports that are available on our surrounding 16 Gili islands which are only a 90 minute daily ferry ride to Bali or a 25 minute domestic flight or Helicopter ride.

Now you have an alternative to avoid the filthy and un kept unsafe conditions Serranggan and Benowa Harbor Bali have.

We provide almost everything you will need in the one place, Fuel, ATM, Electricity, drinking water while enjoying a swim and cold beer at our beach bar. Ladies have the choice of Champagne or a massage. Experience our fine dining at our Yacht squadron that overlooks the Marina which is lit at night with the back drop of our majestic surrounding mountains the protect our calm phosphorescent Port which reflects the Milky Way from above, Join in our local community where the children can run free and the Adults can join in and tell stories of their experience of sailing Indonesia which they will never forget.

Enjoy our amazing surf, game fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling or hiking on the 15 surrounding nearby islands that surround Gili Gede and celebrate the day’s activities over a barbecued steak of the freshly caught fish or a T Bone with a bottle of Red wine. Meet people from all over the world who either came for a holiday or sailed to Marina Del Ray from nearby Bali or the other Gili islands.

We are sure that once you arrive you will never want to leave Indonesia.


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