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We got everything you need "sugar and Gold" Make your HOME Indonesia

Check out our short 50 second video that's been recently made of #marinadelray below.

Hopefully you are aware that the Indonesian Government have decided to open up again, during the plandemic our staff have been diligent in protecting and maintaining all our customers yachts and the local Gili Gede community have been onside to ensure safety and security.

It is worth mentioning that the Marina was created to provide this for all visiting cruisers to Indonesia and with the 3 year boat import and the new 6 month online visa system, we aim to make Indonesia and its 17400 islands one of the worlds best sailing destinations. With Nearby Bali and Lombok International airports we have everything you need "sugar & Gold" to make our Marina Resort and island your second Holiday Home.

It was our vision to encourage long term visitors to also become part of our community by investing in the island to build your own home and invest broadly in the Marinas future with supporting businesses.

We are a affordable Holiday and business investment opportunity, particularly given the current events that are transpiring around the Globe. Indonesia economy relies of Tourism investment and i am very aware of the President agenda to encourage more opportunities for foreign Investors or just those people looking to become part of a sustainable community located among the beautiful Gili Islands of Indonesia.

Anyone wishing to speak to me can call my whats-app number on +628123632266 There is some land opportunities available and broader investments in Dockyards and other Marinas for the bigger investors.

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