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Foreign-flagged Vessel's Clearance procedure into Indonesia

This process is commonly abbreviated and referred to as CIQP

It stands for CUSTOMS, IMMIGRATION, QUARANTINE, AND PORTS, and should be followed in that order at the nearest entry port to your previous country's departure.

There are 22 ports of entry into Indonesia.

Typically, foreign-flagged Vessels are considered either motor-driven boats, yachts, Catamarans, or Superyachts used for the purposes of Tourism.

It's advisable to apply for an online CUSTOMS Vessel declaration (VD) before your arrival. On your arrival customs will inspect your vessel and you then can report to IMMIGRATION.

It is important to keep your VD form because that number allows you to important parts for your vessel in transit while you remain in the Republic of Indonesia for as long as three years without the need to pay import tax if the goods are parts for your vessel.

To apply online for your VD at this link 

Next is Immigration whose job it is to clear you and your crew into Indonesia so you are not considered illegal aliens.

It is advised where possible to apply online prior to your departure for an online 60-day visa that is renewable up to six months without the need for you to leave the country.

Now your vessel can stay in Indonesia for 3 years without needing to leave.

You and your crew need to leave Indonesia after six months but they can return immediately by plane the next day and get another Indonesian Visa on your return at the airport.

Once your passports are stamped you Report to Quarantine who will ask you for a written declaration signed by the captain that his vessel is free from Illness.

Lastly, you must report to the Harbour Master who will check your ship's registration and the documents above and then give you your boat's CLEARANCE document so you can discover Indonesia for 3 years.

He will ask you for your preferred departure port which you will need to clear out of Indonesia. It is not required to cleat into any other ports during your Holiday Sailing Indonesia

As your boat has been temporarily imported in Indonesia for the purposes of Tourism heavy penalties are made for selling a vessel or chartering while in the Republic of Indonesia.

Captain Raymond La Fontaine

Harbor Master

Marina Del Ray

Port Gili Gede

Lombok Indonesia

Marina Del Ray Indonesian Clearance Port
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