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Sailing Indonesia is easy and fun and is not necessary to join a Rally such as the Sail2Indonesia!

The Following slides are notes on our recent Webinar in association with the "Sail Down Under Rally " The following charts below were prepared for our recent webinar which can be watched on the following you tube link below. specifics Indonesia allows foreign yachts  3 years to discovery the largest island chain of 17600 islands in the world that are also the most ideally located because INDONESIA do not have a cyclones or typhoon season! The island chain is diverse, safe and affordable and where summer is everyday of the year. It is perfect of Superyachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans are all very welcome. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW OF OUR WEBINAIR ON HOW TO SAIL TO INDONESIA.

Rally Route Sail Indonesia 2023
Notice of race sail Indoensia
Marina Del Ray Sail Australia to South Eaat Welcome Captain Raymond La Fontaine.jpg
Cruising Route Australia distances Indonesia
Sail Northern Territory Australia.JPG
Rote Island Sail 2 Indoensia
Cruising Guide Sailing t Indoensia
Marina Del Ray Sail Australia to South Eaat Asia Wessels NT Australia.jpg
Darwin Anchorages Sail Indonesia_
2023 Sail Indonesia Rally from Australia
Marina Del Ray Sail Australia to South East Asia_V3 220123-2.jpg
Tourism Roti Island Indonesia sailing
Aerial View Marina Del Ray Indoensia
Marina Del Ray Welcome ceremony Sail 2 Indoensia
Marina Del Ray Gili Gede Lombok Indonesia
Sail Indonesia 2023
Marina del Ray Room & Yacht Accommodation.jpg
Why did i leave Marina Del Ray. Indonesia
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