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A  Gili island Marina Del Ray Resort sailing Holiday. Hire your own 55-foot Luxury Yacht with a group of friends.

All boats sleep up to 6 adults in 3 separate double cabins and 2 to 4 children under 12 on single beds or saloon sofas.

Let our experienced Captains and crews show you on an adventure of a lifetime. Surf, Snorkel, Sea kayak, Windsurf or Kite around the amazing 13 Secret Gili Islands that are AVAILABLE only 90 Minutes by our Ferry Service or a 25 minute Domestic Flight from Bali.


It’s Simple! Scroll below, choose your budget, and then click on your selected sailing Holiday.

Because we operate from an exotic island destination, you will need to book two nights accommodation at our resort one night prior and one night after your Sailing adventure. You can book our accommodation and Daily ferry service on this website menu. Or you can fly domestic from Bali or direct to Lombok airport Internationally. All prices are in US $

The Closest example to Bali of a real Indonesian island experience. Experience the Essence of Indonesia, a rich tropical paradise woven in a tapestry of mystery, culture and breathtaking scenery, pristine turquoise bays easy living sailing aboard one of our luxury Indonesian yacht charters. Spend your holidays relaxing under bright blue sunny skies feeling the balmy tropical monsoon wind as it cools you while enjoying the many water sports and activities, we have available. Dance away the nights under the Milky Way and admire its reflection on the smooth silky phosphorescent filled sea, like a scene from the movie Avatar you will never forget the Great Southern Gili Islands of Indonesia. Thirteen “specs of paradise” form part of the Myriads of secluded white sandy pristine bays, anchorages and deserted islands around the southern Gili islands that are dotted with shady palm trees that sway gently with the dry south east monsoon winds that blow almost all year. This is as close as you will get to discover, Paradise, a holiday you will never forget.