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First Superyacht Fuel Terminal in Indonesia

The second week into 2024, I wonder what the future will bring. Happy New Year everyone and a big shout-out to all our customers, thank you for your support.

We are happy to announce that I have managed to get a permanent fuel supply able to supply large quantities of diesel available for yachts, catamarans, and Superyachts moving between Australia and Southeast Asia.

We are the easiest fuel supply terminal in this part of the world.  Allowing Captains to plan their routes eastward or westward around the globe crossing southeast Asia.

From Darwin Australia, we are 900 NM, and from Marina Del Ray Lombok to Singapore, the next refueling point is 1000 NM, and to Raja Ampat is 950 NM

It overcomes the challenges for boat owners to now explore the 17600 islands without any cyclone or Typhoon season to worry about.

You can preorder ahead from our website at

We are planning to install a 120-meter superyacht for boats up to 50 meters LOA, in the meantime anchoring in our Harbor is available, and access to our Tender dock Yacht Club and Resort facilities.

We hope to see you this year

From the Team at Marina Del Ray





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