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Marina Del Ray Indonesian Fuel Supply (crossing South East Asia)

After about a decade, last month, I signed a partnership agreement with a successful Indonesian fuel supply company called JBM who's CEO agreed to permanently locate their 600-ton fuel barge in Marina Del Ray!

That means we are the only dedicated fuel supply terminal strategically located in the middle of 2000 NM located between Darwin Australia, and Singapore.

This makes it easier for ships, yachts, and superyachts to explore the largest archipelago of 17,600 of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Enjoy summer every day without the threat of hurricanes and typhoons and can leave your boat here for 3 years without needing to leave.

We are also the only Exxon Mobile fuel supplier in Lombok Indonesia.

Buying fuel in Indonesia can be complicated due to the lack of infrastructure as Marina Tourism has only just started.

The main supplier is called PERTAMINA and is owned by the government.

There are no special fuel terminals for foreign cruise ships in Indonesia except Marina Del Ray.

Both fuels contain BIO fuel and are traded under the names EXXON Mobile and PERTAMINA, Dex-lite.

There is also a low-grade fuel called SOLAR which is subsidized by the government so it is cheap but illegal for foreign ships to buy. It is cheap for a reason and should not be used in any way and is not recommended no matter how cheap it is.

There are arguments for and against adding Biofuels, but no other fuels are available here.

The downside of EXXON and DEXLITE is that they have a greater chance of causing chemical changes over time, so, we recommend avoiding long-term storage and low temperatures which are not an issue in the Tropics, and using 2-micron filters and changing them more regularly when in Indonesia, it is what it is. I've never had a problem in twenty years being here.

The advantage is that we reduce carbonization and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thereby helping everyone. Here is a video link of our supply terminal at

Hope to Serve you soon.

Captain Raymond La Fontaine



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